Reiki Distance Healing

So how does it work?

Reiki is a form of alternative medicine called energy healing. Reiki practitioners use a technique called palm healing or hands-on healing through which a universal life force energy is said to be transferred through the palm of the practitioner to the patient in order to encourage emotional of physical healing. It can be used as a means to manage symptoms and improve general well being.

We are all energy matter. We are more than just our physical bodies; we have emotions, thoughts, spirit and other levels of energy that exist in tandem with our physical self. Our energy body is made up of an energetic field (Aura) that surrounds the energy centers (Chakras) and pathways (Meridians). And like our physical body, our energy body requires nourishment to maintain a balance in function.

Reiki is a wonderful form of energy healing that many people think of as being practiced hands-on, in person or at a distance.  Distance does not interfere with reception. Reiki Distance Healing has been found to be beneficial and effective as well.

How does Reiki Distance Healing work?

The practitioner schedules a time with the individual for the Reiki Distance Healing session. By choosing a time, the individual can be in a receptive state; this can be lying down, sitting. Having some details such as the intention of what the individual wants the session to support, location, city or country can assist the practitioner to connect with the individual if they haven’t met before.

Benefits of Reiki
There are many benefits to Reiki. It can support the body’s natural ability to heal on an emotional and physical level

1.Re-Energize the Body
By creating deep physical and mental relaxation, reiki energy can bring the body back into balance and harmony resulting in a higher level of energy.

2. Reduce Stress and Anxiety – Promote Relaxation
Reiki has been shown to help those in a negative mood change and feel more positive through balancing the life force energy and dissolving energy blocks. This in turn may trigger the body’s relaxation response and reduce anxiety and stress.

3.Reduce Pain
Reiki energy can reduce pain by allowing energy to flow freely into blocked areas of the body producing feelings of relaxation.

4.Increase Inner Awareness – Self Healing
Having a sense of calm and stillness allows us to unfold awareness within ourselves. Reiki works to balance the energy and assists in self-healing on an emotional, spiritual and mental level.

The moving energy is difficult to measure,  but can be felt by many who are attuned to it. Experiencing sensations in the body such as heat, tingling, movement of energy, seeing colours and memories can also occur. It is rarely the same at each session.

Especially in times of  social distancing, uncertainty, anxiety, and stress a Reiki Distance Healing may improve your overall well being.

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