Nasturtiums The Edible Flower


Nasturtiums are a beautiful flowering plant that are easy to grow. The whole plant is edible, from the flowers, to the buds and leaves.

Rich with a  peppery flavor,  vitamins and minerals, The garden nasturtium contains trace elements and bioactive compounds which can be easily absorbed by the human body. The flowers and leaves are a good source of micro elements such as potassium, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium, and macro elements,  zinc, copper and iron. The green leaves and flowers of nasturtiums are also rich in antioxidants like vitamin C, and lutein, which  protect against free radical damage and support for eye and skin health.

The leaves and flowers also contain mustard oils, which give them a peppery flavor and are released when the plant is crushed or chewed. These oils are also found in horseradish root, wasabi and mustard seeds.

Try making a pesto out of the leaves and add the flower to salads and cakes as an edible decoration.

Like with all food, smell, taste, enjoy and be mindful of the food you eat. Is this the right food for me? How does it make me feel?

Smell, Taste, Enjoy. Be mindful of the Food You Eat!