Kids & Nature

Spending Time Outdoors Matters

Kids are spending more time inside than outside in nature. This is largely due to technology, growing fears about diseases and dangers of playing outside.

Studies have shown the benefits and necessity of spending time in nature. Kids who play outside can be less anxious, more attentive, and more joyful than those who spend a lot of time indoors in front of screens.

  1. Nature is good for kid’s minds. Because being outside is less structured, a child can choose what he/she wants to do, and this in turn can build their confidence.

2. Nature nourishes imagination & creativity. A child can think for themselves, create activities and experience their own unique world.

3. Nature activates senses. To smell, taste, hear, fell and touch your surroundings are truly beneficial and create memories.

4. Nature makes kids active. Most interaction with nature involves moving. Whether it be a walk in the park, cycling, running, hiking, golfing, skateboarding, skiing, skating, snow shoeing, making snow angels, movement gets the blood flowing and stimulates the production of brain chemicals which elevate mood.

5. Nature makes kids think and ask questions. Whether it be questions like: why is it windy? cloudy? raining? or sunny?, being in nature peaks their curiosity.

Step outside and enjoy the wonders of nature.


Reference: Exposure to Natural Environments