The Power of Healthy Ageing

What is healthy ageing?

Getting older is a natural part of life. How you will feel as you get older depends on many things, including what health problems run in your family and the choices you make. If you take good care of your body and learn positive ways to deal with stress now, you can slow down or even prevent problems that often come with aging.

Aging is a lifetime process. We now live longer than previous generations. Although longevity may be a goal in itself, the quality of life as we age may be just as, or even more important, than the number of years living. There is general acceptance that Healthy Aging is focused on  improving and preserving physical, social and mental wellness, independence, and maintaining a quality of life.

Investing time, energy and attention into good health, including whole nutrition, exercise, sleep, reducing stress, staying social and keeping your mind active can contribute to overall wellness.

Physical activity is important to healthy aging. Balance and movement exercises help prevent falls, strength exercises build muscles and reduce the risk of bone loss. Eating healthy can help improve mental acuteness, boost your energy levels, and increase your resistance to illness.

The benefits of living a healthy lifestyle through nutrition, active living and learning something new is immense as we age. I have seen first hand what healthy aging is. My mom is the picture of healthy aging. At 93 years of age she is vibrant, mobile, active and resilient. She has eaten whole foods and has been active her entire life.  Her passion for cooking nutritious foods has given her energy and vitality. My mom’s philosophy in life is to adapt to what is going on around her. “Sometimes you just don’t have a choice, and you need to do what is necessary at that moment”. She still goes for walks and runs her errands by bus. It’s not that she has to, it’s because she wants to. Her strong connection to family has also played a strong role in her overall wellness.

A healthy lifestyle can make a difference in how you feel and what you can do especially as you age.