Whole Foods are Real Foods

Whole Food and Real food is food that is found in nature; growing and living on a farm, in the forest, grasslands, ocean, rivers, lakes or in your backyard garden. It is food that is close to its natural state as possible, and is full of nutrients. It is a whole food that nourishes you.

Real food is whole, unprocessed with no additives, and we recognize exactly where it came from. Real food has not been altered, refined, nor processed. Nothing has been stripped away and no chemical or artificial ingredients have been added. It doesn’t need a package or a label, because it contains ONE ingredient, and that’s why there is no ingredient list. There is no label, and the label is not 6″ long.

Real food can be hunted, caught, gathered or picked in the wild, it can be naturally grown in a garden or on a farm. Some foods that can be hunted are beef, bison, pork chicken, turkey, duck, pheasant, deer, rabbit, quail, wild game, and fish. Others can be grown or gathered such as vegetables, lowers, fruits, leaves, seeds, nuts, seeds, and berries.

So the next time you’re hungry, think of cooking with whole and real foods. They’re nutritious, nutrient dense, satiating and healthy for you.


Like always, Smell, Taste, Enjoy. Be Mindful of the Food You Eat!

Balanced Nutritional Energy